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Parish Plan

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A Parish Plan is an Action Plan based on key concerns and issues raised by residents in order to improve the quality of life in their village. The actions arising are the community’s priorities for tackling these issues over a typically 5 to 10 year period. The adopted Plan will enable the Parish Council to make informed decisions.

A public meeting organised by the Parish Council was held on Thursday evening the 27th March 2008 in Newton Regis Village Hall to promote the benefits of producing a Parish Plan for the three villages of the parish. The guest speaker was Steve Patalong, Rural Enterprise Development Officer for Warwickshire Rural Community Council. Steve Patalong explained the purpose of a Parish Plan, what it might achieve for the parish and grants available. It was also emphasised that the production of a Parish Plan was one of a number of actions required to enable the Parish Council to achieve Quality status. Becoming a Quality Council will enable the parish council to retain its independence and increase its influence when greater powers are expected to be passed down to parish councils following proposed changes to the structure of local government. The meeting was well attended and a large majority in favour of proceeding. It was decided to appoint a Parish Plan Steering Group, independent from the Parish Council, with its own constitution and bank account to ensure that the community could take ownership of the Parish Plan without being led by the Parish Council. The Parish Council had previously received a grant towards developing a Parish Plan and these monies were transferred to the new steering group.

NRS&NMH Parish Plan Steering Group was formed with a chairman and vice chairman, (neither members of the Parish Council), a secretary/treasurer and member of the Parish Council and other members from both the public and Parish Council. The steering group held its first meeting on the 6th May 2008. Following the first meeting a Constitution was agreed and a bank account established. The first task was to draw up a Questionnaire that could be circulated to all households to enable them to express their opinions, preferences and concerns on a wide range of issues. Following regular meetings of the Steering Group, a draft Questionnaire was produced and presented to the villagers at an open day at Newton Regis Village Hall on Sunday, 20th September 2009.

Following comments and feedback from villagers and the Warwickshire Rural Community Council, the Questionnaire was finalised and printed in February 2010. Copies were delivered and collected from households during the course of 2010. (Click here to download a copy of the Parish Plan Questionnaire).

Analysis of the Questionnaire returns were made for the three villages and available to the community late 2010. (Click here to download a copy of the survey results for Newton Regis, click here to download a copy of the survey results for Seckington and click here to download a copy of the survey results for No Man’s Heath).

From the analysis, a draft Parish Plan was produced and presented to parishioners at a series of open days at the beginning of April 2011. Printed copies of the Questionnaire and the draft Parish Plan were provided on request.

The public consultation period ran until the 31st May 2011 and the Parish Plan was presented to the Parish Council for adoption on Tuesday 5th July 2011. A copy can be accessed and downloaded here.

The Parish Plan was formally adopted by the Parish Council at it's meeting on 6th July 2011.


Parish Plan PDF

Parish Plan Questionaire

Newton Regis survey results

Seckington survey results

No Man's Heath survey results

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